I have been checking out the website hosting/templating solution offered for musician and band websites by the folks at CDBaby called HostBaby. My experience with their free trial account exceeded my expectations.  I was able to create a musician site that had all the basic necessities - a music player, a gig calendar, social networking icons, videos, etc, with much less time spent on the technical end of things.  

The tradeoff for that kind of ease is a severe loss of flexibility, but if you can live with the limitations, it is a solution that musicians and bands should take a look at.

I was not happy with the "straight out of the box" template, but after adding some custom modifications and graphics, I began to see the possibilities within the limitations.  

The HostBaby account runs $20/month.  That is more than double the cost of a typical hosting account, but they throw in some credit towards listing your CDs on CDBaby, and they take responsibility for the security of their website platform.  Whereas Joomla and Wordpress need to be upgraded from time to time to keep up with security issues in the web environment, HostBaby takes care of that for you.

It's a solution I'd urge my musician clientele to look at if their needs are simple and straightforward.  Let me know if I can help put the pieces together for you in an aesthetically pleasing and sensible way.    

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