A picture is worth a thousand words

That old adage has become so true on the web. 

My clients love knowing they can add new articles to their websites themselves, but sometimes struggle to add eye-catching photo images.  The key is to edit the image to emphasize its strengths, then upload it for the article.

The few moments you spend to prepare the image will increase its impact!  Read on to learn about a free online photo editor that will help you get the job done quickly!

Start with an eye-catching image

Of course you'll want to start with an eye-catching photo that illustrates the point you want to make.   Then chances are you'll take one or more of these actions to make the photo the right size to fit within your article.

 Four Editing Steps

Crop the photo to zero in on the most interesting part of the image
Resize the photo to an appropriate size
Adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo to make it vivid
Sharpen the photo

Those four steps will ensure your articles are illustrated with sharp, vivid, interesting images.

What if I don't own photo editing software? 

I've discovered Pixlr, a wonderful online photo editor that is easy-to-use and free!  I can hardly believe such a sophisticated utility is free, but it is.  Furthermore, a fantastic full-length video tutorial covers the basic processes I listed above in the first few minutes.  Check it out, and you'll be ready to add great-looking images to your articles.

Here's a video that shows you the ropes:

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