Updates keep us safe and, well, up-to-date!

As a website owner, you're always aiming to present up-to-date content for your site visitors, and your website is designed to enable you to make routine updates to your content.  Two other types of updates are important as well. 

1) Technical code updates:  as the web environment continually changes, website technology responds and that means technical website upgrades need to be made from time to time.  This form of update helps keep your site secure and stable.   Often the upgrade is a simple one-click process.  Other times it is more involved, because the update package wraps in significant new features along with new security and stability features.  Of course, if you're my client, I'm available to help with these upgrades.


2) Feature updates:   More and more people are accessing websites via their phones or other devices, and you may decide you want your site to be "mobile responsive".   You certainly should check your site from a phone to see how it presently looks to visitors.   Additionally as time passes, new and better ways to handle certain functions should be considered.   

Some of us love change, and some of us hate it, but the web world keeps moving! 

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